Early 2014

New Homes at Minchingtons Close


This was the first project that the Norton CLT embarked upon and indeed was the project that not only launched the CLT but which funded the start-up of the CLT. This page captures the progress of the project for posterity from digging the first turf right through to the opening event. It was a long and arduous task from getting the planning approval; coordination of all the bodies involved e.g. SSDC, Wessex Community Assets, Homes & Communities Agency [HCA], Yarlington Housing Group and Brookvale to name but a few. Of course, the weather played a big part too because due to torrential rains in the early part of 2014, the project completion date slipped. In fact, it is a testament to the builders Brookvale that the impact on the completion date was only a few weeks.

Norton Community Land Trust owns the freehold to the land upon which the new homes have been built and in addition the extra parcel of adjoining land which, in time, will become a community copse. The land occupied by the new homes which itself contains a small copse is leased by the Norton CLT to Yarlington Housing Group [YHG] for a term of 125 years. Each year the CLT will receive a payment for ground rent from YHG.


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